About Us

The Department of Library & Information Studies has two constituents:

(i) Santhome Atheneum: the Centennial Library of the College which supplements the academic, intellectual, informational, inspirational, spiritual and recreational requirements of the academia with its rich resources and services, and

(ii) the academic Department of Information Studies


The library provides open access to its documents and any member can browse through the collections which are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).

The library provides an online catalogue to trace these books, which is accessible from the library page. Readers can search for the documents which they require from their desktops or mobile gadgets anywhere from the world.

The members can also access scholarly literature which is available online through National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N- LIST) of UGC-INFLIBNET. Through N-LIST, members can access to 6000+ e-journals and 31,35 000+ ebooks from the following publishers or databases:

E-Journals (Fulltext)
1. American Institute of Physics [18 titles]
2. Annual Reviews [33 titles]
3. Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) [1 title]
4. Indian Journals [180+ titles]
5. Institute of Physics [46 titles]
6. JSTOR [2500+ titles]
7. Oxford University Press [262 titles]
8. Royal Society of Chemistry [29 titles]
9. H. W. Wilson [3000+ titles]

Cambridge Books Online [1800 titles]
E-brary [185000+ titles]
EBSCoHost-Net Library [936 titles]
Hindustan Book Agency [65+ titles]
Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books [382+ titles]
Oxford Scholarship [1402+ titles]
Springer eBooks [2300 titles]
Sage Publication eBooks [1000 titles]
Taylor Francis eBooks [1800 titles]
Myilibrary-McGraw Hill [1124 titles]
South Asia Archive [through NDL]
World e-Books Library [Now Available through NDL only]

The department also provides:

  1. Orientation on library resources,
  2. Access to documents supporting research,
  3. Training on electronic database search,
  4. In-person reference assistance / literature search,
  5. Training on academic publishing,
  6. Training on electronic reference management,
  7. Similarity report of documents and,
  8. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) allotment.

All the electronic services of the department is available under the brand liveSTOM at http://livestom.in.

liveSTOM stands for liberabit veritas St ThOMas. Veritas (vos) liberabit is Latin for “The truth will set you free‘”, which is the motto of the College. Moreover, liveSTOM is the only learning entity of St Thomas which is live 24×7.

The motto of liveSToM is live, read, lead. Today’s main challenge is to be alive. Reading makes your life live or in other words, reading fills your life with liveliness. Reading further helps you to bring out the leader in you. Hence live, read and lead along with the Department of Library and Information Studies, St Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur.

The logo of liveSTOM is liveSToM logoIt depicts a book in the centre and branches of a tree. The image represents the ever-growing tree of knowledge. On the right, one can see sprouts out of liveSTOM which represents the new knowledge with the effective utilisation of library resources.

For more information, feel free to contact the college librarian or send a mail to stctlib@gmail.com